Hikina Yoga Print Ad

Photographica Krohn Brochure

A stack of PhotoGraphica Krohn brochures

Desktop M.D. Logo

Blue and red shield with a white cross running through the middle. With the words "Desktop M.D. Your RX for Affordable PC Care"

Deck Dock Product Photos

Red and blue deck dock with white hooks

Dye into Water

Debbie Van Dyke Art Photography

Fabric art piece showing two young girls

Photographica Krohn Website

A laptop displaying the PhotoGraphica Krohn website

David Kingwill Art Photography

Abstract painting made from yellow, blue, teal and purple paints poured onto canvas.

Glass and Wire Pendant Product Photography

Necklace combining wire wrapping and glass blowing. Blue rippled glass centerpiece with intricate silver wrapping.

Mister C Logo

Abstract graphic that shows both a plant and a wolf's face

Deck Dock Brochure

Brochure designed for Deck Dock to show all color and style options

Photographica Krohn Image Retouch

Photographic still life of persimmons, lemons, tomatillos, and other plants. Retouched Version

Black and White Image Edit

Black and White Conversion After

Photo Restoration

Damaged black and white photo print (left) and digital restored (right)